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Fetish – A Microshoot

Bartender, Make that a Double!
"4 chickens"
One of my members sent me some info about his favorite local band. I just love the name. I can't believe that I'm posing in a shirt with these words.

Okay, how did they get his band name? CLICK HERE
Hey, their CD isn't bad. You have to check them out. I could be their groupie...CLICK HERE
"Shuffle off to Buffalo"
Well, the first "lucky loser" in my annual football bet has come clean. The G-Man is definitely not a sore loser and we can all be grateful. As promised, he sent something of his favorite team for me to wear.

This Buffalo can run...just like OJ! CLICK HERE
Did he send me a helmet? A football? Nope......CLICK HERE
Bourbon Street Babe!
This came from my member, Bayou Billy. This shirt comes from his favorite bar where he said he can see the "Breasts of the World". They have a balcony where people yell for you to show them your tits and women actually lift their shirts.

Ah, New Orleans...the Big Easy!CLICK HERE
MWho knows, maybe I will surprise you all someday and bare my breasts at this bar. Would you buy my a Bayou Beer?CLICK HERE
"A" tool from a friend!!
One of my members got excited about my derriere and felt I needed to play with it some more. I told him I needed some motivation so he sent me some. Oh boy, I had no idea!
Look at this thing! I am definitely going to need the lubrication. CLICK HERE
My admirer says he wants to see the penetration. Well I got in real close for you! It sure hurt, so I hope you enjoy what you see.. CLICK HERE

Anklet Footsie Fetish
What I love is that my members are always teaching me something new! I've been told that now that I am in the "lifestyle" that I need to advertise it! So he bought me this little anklet. So I thought I'd show a few photos.
Dan told me that I should add this to my jewelry box now that I've earned it! CLICK HERE
Wow, my first award for sexual accomplishment! I'm going to be looking at other anles of women to see which other ones are in the lifestyle like me!CLICK HERE
Rochester Member Branding-
Of course I could never have a member branding set without something from George! I am so honored! George gave me a classic shirt that typifies the recent history of Rochester and American know how! I love putting pieces of the fabric that make up America on my pages!
This T-shirt was part of a campaign to bring a new stadium to Rochester's farm team.CLICK HERE
It says, "If they build it, we will come". Well George, I might just have to visit that stadium that I am honoring here. Of course my slogan might be more like, "They built it, and here I cum." CLICK HERE

Hey I am a Corporate girl, so I know the value of good branding. Send me your logos or personal items and I'll wear them!
This member is the perfect leadoff for this section. He hates his boss so much, he created a site about him.CLICK HERE
Want me to be your spokes model? Advertise your golf club, website, party, or secret association? Send it to me on clothing and I will wear it. CLICK HERE
South Dakota Member Branding-
This is from one of my funniest members! When I first got this, I thought it was the brown and Orange cap of the beloved Cleveland Browns, but boy was I surprised
This is no joke! Ladies, who is coming with me to South Dakota? I think the next Barmeet should be in Pierre or Sioux Falls CLICK HERE
Who are we trying to kid? South Dakota is BUST COUNTRY! Isn't it where the Mount Rushmore is? Anyone want to argue? CLICK HERE

Well you people have been groveling at my feet for a few extra snaps of my toes. Here they are in their size 6 _ glory. Scratching, licking, and massaging are definitely allowed here!

Oh, looks like a cold one today, better keep these girls warm and silky

Just like shoes, I can never decide which color to wear each day.


Ah, nothing like a little scratching post for my girls. CLICK HERE
My girls get a good workout every day. Cmon and see a day in the life of my feet. My Ped-cure will heal your soles! CLICK HERE

HOCKEY- Wanna Puck?
A fan thought I should show my hometown colors and wear the uniform of the Cleveland Barons. I didn’t even know we had a team! I hope you hockey fans out there are ready and eager for hockey season.

These guys sure need some marketing help. What does a shark have to do with Cleveland?

Without pants, these would be too cold to wear on the ice.

And in these heels, I’d slip and fall on my tooshy. CLICK HERE

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