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“The Interracial Cuckold Wife featuring Rebecca” - HD Video

Note: This was originally produced in the membership section in 3 parts.

Cuckolding and Hotwife are two very popular terms that have come of age recently when it comes to fetish sex terms. They have readily applied to Dreamnet women who have sex with men other than their husbands and have multiple sexual partners with their partner’s consent.

One of the Dreamnet women who is a prime example is Rebecca. Her husband had given her consent to have sexual partners and our understanding is that she loved it so much that she arranged to have sex 2-3x a week with her lovers (usually black) and, as you know, videotaped her escapades and would come home and let him watch the tapes which they often times shared with us. The encounter was a particularly special one in which she gave a message (we edited it out) before where she wished him a Merry Christmas. Supposedly he loved the gift.

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